Nature gives and Nature takes…

Perhaps nature doesn’t always seem divine.

My first blogpost on this new website. We are in April. I am Dutch and in the Netherlands we have a saying: “April does what it wants”. Meaning with the weather you can expect anything. I am afraid it still applies and not only for the Netherlands. I live in Italy and am in contact with a lot of winemakers throughout the country. Yesterday and today messages came in from various parts, mostly from Piedmont (from the Southern part) where the biggest damage seems to be done.

Pictures of serious damage to the vines because of the temperature dropping below zero and since the sprouts are just out and most vulnerable now. When it freezes they die. It’s an immense sad view to watch- already for me, to see the life gone, the vigour disappearing, leaves hanging down. Imagine those who have been nurturing them day in day out, year in year out…In some cases it means a life work destroyed, or at least a (big) part of their livelihood gone.

The contrast with a few days ago couldn’t be bigger. Since it is an awesome sight to see the vines come back to life, especially in biodynamic/natural working wineries it’s a feast for the eye with all the flowers blossoming etc. I feel for all who lost (part) of their vineyards and I hope that somehow there is resilience both in the vines and winemakers to go on and that the season will bring salvation somehow. The parts where its most humid there is the most danger and it’s not over yet, tonight the temperature in some areas will drop even more. We all cross our fingers, pray or whatever works.

The area that seems to have suffered the most is Ovada (Barbera), but in Piedmont also Colli Tortonesi and Gavi , and furthermore in the Veneto and some in Emilia Romagna and even in Northern Tuscany in the Garfagnana. My heart goes out to all of you and I wish you strength, hope , belief, resilience and knowingness that you will overcome this (too). There is also the risk of hailstorms that can do some major damage. Wishing nice steady weather for all!!


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